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411:Seeking Information
69:Mutual Oral Sex At The Same Time
ABC: American Born Chinese
ABJ: American Born Japanese
AMP: Asian Massage Parlor
ASP: Adult Service Provider
AR: Anal Rimming
ATF: All Time Favorite
ATM: Ass To Mouth
Aunt Flo: Menstruation, Period.
B&S: Bait and Switch = person who shows up is a different one than advertised.
Babyback:Petite, Young, Attractive Asian.
Balloons:Breast Implants.
BB:BareBack = Without Condom.
BJ:Blow Job
BBBJ:Bare Back Blow Job
BBBJTC:Bare Back Blow Job To Completion
BBBJTCWS:Bare Back Blow Job To Completion With Swallowing
BBBJWF:Bare Back Blow Job With Facial
BBFS:Bare Back Full Service (Sex without condom)
BBW:Big Beautiful Woman
BCD:Behind Closed Doors
BDSM:Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism
BFE:Boyfriend Experience
BLS:Ball Licking and Sucking
Blue Jay:Blow Job
Blue pill:Viagra
BS:Body Slide
BSB:Bus Stop Babe
BSD:Big Swinging Dick
BSW:Black Street Walker
Butter Face:Everything Looks Good, 'but her' face
BYOC:Bring Your Own Condom
CBJ:Covered Blow Job (BJ with condom)
CD:Cross Dresser
CDS:Covered Doggy Style
CFS:Covered Full Service (Sex with condom)
CG:Cowgirl = girl on top facing you
CH:Crazy Horse, San Francisco Strip Club
CIM:Cum in Mouth
CMD:Carpet Matches Drapes, Typically a Natural Blonde
CMT:Certified Massage Therapist
COF:Cum On Face
Cruising:Driving Around for Street Walkers
DAP:Digital Anal Probe (Finger in anus)
DATO:Dining at the O = Anal Licking
DATY:Dining at the Y = Pussy Licking
DDE:Doesn't Do Extras (PS only)
DDG:Drop Dead Gorgeous
DDP:Double Digit Penetration
DFE:Dead Fish Experience
DFK:Deep French Kissing
DIY:Do It Yourself (Masturbation)
DP:Double Penetration
DS:Doggy Style, Man Behind Girland Girl on Hands and Knees
DSL:Dick Sucking Lips
DT:Deep Throat
Facial:Cum on Face
FBSM:Full Body Sensual Massage
FBSM+:FBSM + bonus, usually BJ
FIA:Finger in Ass
Five-O:A Police Officer
FIR:Finger in Rear
FJ:Foot Job
FOTC:Fuck Of The Century
FIV:Finger in Vagina
FOB:Fresh Off the Boat
FOV:Finger Outside Vagina
French:Blow Job = BJ
French Kiss:Kissing With Tongue Insertion
FS:Full Service = BJ + Sex
FDAU:Face Down Ass Up
GFE:Girl Friend Experience
GND:Girl Next Door
Greek:Anal Sex
GS:Golden Shower = Urination Play
GSM:G-Spot Massage
Happy Ending:A Handjob After Massage
HDH:High Dollar Hottie
HE:Happy Ending
HJ:Hand Job
HH:Half Hour
HM:High Mileage
HM:High Mileage
HSW:Hispanic Street Walker
HWP:Height and Weight Proportionate
Incall:Service Given at Provider's Place.
IMHO:In My Humble Opinion
Italian:Penis Rubbing Between Butt Cheeks
ISO:In Search Of
Lapdog:Person Who Worships Providers to Excess.
LD:Lap Dance
LDL:Low Dollar Looker (opposite of HDH)
LE:Law Enforcement Officer
LFK:Light Face Kissing
LMP:Latina Massage Parlor
LOS:Land Of Smiles
Mamasan:Female Manager of Asian Massage Parlor
MBR:Multiple Bell Ringing = Multiple Releases
MILF:Mother I'd Like to Fuck
Mish:Missionary Position
Missionary:Man on Top and Girl on Back
MFF:Male, Female, Female
MP:Massage Parlor, Also Multiple Pops
MSOG:Multiple Shots On Goal = Multiple Releases
NQNS:Non-Quitter, Non-Spitter
NQBC:Non-Quitter, But Covered
NR:Nude Reverse
NSA:No Strings Attached
OP:Original Post(er)
Outcall:Provider Comes to Your Place.
OWO:Oral Without Condom
OWOTC:Oral Without Condom To Completion
P2P:Private to Private, typically uncovered, rubbing of penis with vagina without penetration
P4P:Pay for Play
Papasan:Male Manager of Asian Massage Parlor
Party Hat:Condom
PIV:Penis in Vagina
PL:Pathetic Loser
PM:Prostate Massage or Private Message (inbox)
PO:Phone Operator (for making appointments)
POS:Pussy On the Side
PS:Private Show (Dance)
PSE:Porn Star Experience
PV:Private Viewing (Dance)
PYT:Pretty Young Thing
RC:Reverse Cowgirl, girl on top facing away
RCA:Reverse Cowgirl Anal
REM:Reverse massage, you massage her
Rimming:Anilingus, Licking Anal Rim. anal–oral contact and anal–oral sex
RMP:Russian Massage Parlor
ROB:Rip Off Bitch
RPG:Role Playing Games
RTFF:Read the Fucking Forum
Russian:Penis Rubbing Between Breasts = Pearl Necklace = Titty Fuck
SC:Strip Club
Self-Service:you masturbate
Semi-Pro:someone who escorts informally as a side business.
SF:San Francisco
Shill:A Provider Posing as a Satisfied Customer
SW:Street Walker
SOG:Shot On Goal
SOMF:Sat On My Face
SP:Service Provider
Spanish:ATM = Ass To Mouth
Spinner:Very Petite, Slim Girl
STD:Sexually Transmitted Disease
TMP: Therapeutic Massage Parlor
Teabag: Man Squats and Dips Balls in Partner's Mouth
TG: Transgender
TGTBT: Too Good To Be True
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TLC: Tender Loving Care
TLD: Topless Lap Dance
Trip to islands: Greek Anal Sex
Troll: Rude and Hideous PL
Trolling: Posting thinly disguised ads in a discussion forum
TOFTT: Take One For The Team. In reference to a new, non-reviewed provider.
TS: Transexual
TUMA: Tongue Up My Ass
TV: Transvestite
WAH:Wild Ass Humping
WF:Wild Fuck
WG:Working Girl
WSW:White Street Walker
WTF:What The Fuck
YMMV:Your mileage may vary






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